T’Pau summer tour

The Robin 2, Wolverhampton July 6th 2017

So, the first show of this three day tour took us to the rock and roll heartland of the Midlands,Wolverhampton. What is it about this part of the country – it just breathes rock n roll!
After soundcheck it was time for dinner in the “Artist’s Dining Room” at our hotel ( rather conveniently part of the venue!) then get changed into stage gear and chill for an hour or so before the show. There’s a really cool outsidey bit at The Robin 2 and it was soon full of T’Pau fans awaiting the start of the show. I bumped into the ever faithful Super Fans Jo and Steph who I last saw on my T’Pau debut back in 2014 at Leicester Race Course Ladies Day. These girls go to as many shows as they possibly can and it was great to see some familiar faces. Also there was Peter Thorton a guy who had come all the way from Dartford in Kent. We talked music and guitars for a while and Peter managed to get some really cool pics of the show.

The show was fantastic! We opened with audience favourite Sex Talk and kept the show pretty up until (my personal favourite) Valentine. James (Ashby) and I harmonize the solo and it sounds awesome!

After the show James and I and bassist Luke Burnet-Smith went out for a few ales. Man, I fucking LOVE Wolverhampton! We went to a bar called The Geeford (or something!?) and it was playing non stop rock and metal, all the guys were cool and the girls were pretty and it was a wicked night.Got back to the hotel at about 5am, had a fag and then hit the sack……….


Me with the super-cool Peter Thornton, The Robin 2, Wolverhampton, July 6th 2017



This coming week I’m off on a kind of mini-tour with T’Pau. We’re heading up north to play three dates; July 6th we’re at The Robin 2  in Wolverhampton, then on the 7th July we’re at Warehouse 23 in Wakefield and then on the 8th we roll into The Tivoli Venue in Buckley, North Wales. I’m back on rhythm guitar and depping for Ronnie Rogers for these three dates.

Rig wise I’m using my ’89 Fender Jap Strat through a Mesa Boogie f50 amp and extension cab. For FX I’m running through a Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble and a BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay.

It’s going to be ace – can’t wait!



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