The Wrong Mans – Season 2


Hello there, and welcome to my Blog.
Today I’d like to tell you about a recent session for the new series of the BBC action comedy The Wrong Mans.
The shows’ composer is the ludicrously talented Kevin Sargent and I was delighted when Kevin contacted me and asked if I played Dobro Resonator. I replied “Yes, of course!” and then we chatted about Ry Cooder and Keb Mo and I was booked for a session the following week. The only problem was that I don’t own a Dobro Resonator guitar! So, I called up the the wonderful and ever so  capable Pip at Hobgoblin Music in Canterbury and I was able to hire a fabulous Ashbury guitar from them
I tuned the Asbury to open D, grabbed my slide, and then worked with Kevin to get exactly the phrasing he wanted. Aside from the slide, I also played Nylon string, and steel string acoustics on this session but it was the Resonator that made this a memorable date.


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